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10-Strike FTPrint is a program that allows you to print text files in the printer's text mode. Main features: - Text mode printing under VGStudio MAX is the high-end software from the Volume Graphics range of products for the visualization and analysis of CT Supports using the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse for rotation, translation, and zooming the graphics window view. New feature allows GFXBench GL is a benchmarking tool for PCs and smartphones. While the high-level tests (Car Chase, Manhattan 3.1, Manhattan) put your GobeProductive is a complete office suite that includes Word Processing, Graphics, Spreadsheet, Image Processing, and Presentations 'Colorizer' is a simple paint program for Atari 8-bit computers which allows you to change or add color in APAC images. 'APAC' ('Any Point, Any A downloadable utility for creating, composing and optimizing vector and bitmap graphics for the web, including animated GIFs. Babya PhotoPro lets you be creative in a multitude of ways-from creating simple graphics, to advanced editing and effects and Main features: -Full text displaying and color features withe the PRINT and INK commands -User input using the INPUT command Nukak3d is a flexible architecture that integrates general-purpose graphics libraries such as VTK, ITK, VTKInria3D, OpenGL, under a The design, presentation and powerful capabilities make Custom Framer - Art the ideal sales tool for professionals. Custom Framer - Art OGRE is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to produce applications using hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. Source.

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