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Kinovea is a player, editor and capturing video tool. It includes several features for the analysis, measurement, comparison, and motion Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator allows you to perform conversions between different coordinate systems. It comes as a small program, yet it UTM Converter is a geographic tool for converting UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates to Latitude and Longitude coordinates. It GIS ObjectLand processes data organized as geoinformation database (GDB). Basic GDB components are maps, themes, tables, queries, external Galva is a program which was originally created to design precisely scales for galvanometer, potentiometers, VCs and so forth. Therefore, the XYZ Coordinates is an application that can add a shared parameter to the Structural Column and Structural Foundation category families and Subdivide a parcel into smaller lots Create streets, roads & cul-de-sacs Draw easements and setback lines Enter GPS Coordinates (latitude & SmartExporter.DXF for ArcGIS/ArcMap: - Seamless integration in ArcGIS/ArcMap - adds a DXF export filter easily accessible through the ArcMap export This OpenGL sample shows how to draw a plane in 3d using your mouse. Also explains how to transform mouse coordinates to 3d world Source.

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