Mosquito Google Map Location – Grasshopper

I'm just starting to look at the Mosquito plugin.... and it's working, but behaving a little erratically. I know this is 'experimental' - so I don't necessarily need a solution, i'm just curious how this works. While it's loading the map imagery and seem to generally work pretty well, I'm finding that my gps coordinates are off when zoomed out..... and seem to be further from the correct location the further I'm zoomed out. Its not fully worked out just yet, I simply have never got around to finishing that component. It does not place the the map accurately in terms of GPS coordinate. Mainly because GPS is WGS84 projection and GoogleMaps are tiled Mercator projection. Hopefully I will get back to it one day :) but it seems redundant since the map yields no vector data at all, I suppose thats why I never finished it :( In your example image with the US vector map - is that just Rhino geometry, or did you pull that data from somewhere (open street map, maybe)? Hi Carson, Im wondering if you ever developed a plug to change the projection from Mecator to wsg84? Source.

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