Mountain High Maps Plus – Beautiful Adobe Illustrator maps to download

Mountain High Maps Plus for Adobe Illustrator are a set of vector and high-res image files that blend seamlessly together: Mountain High Maps Plus for MS PowerPoint have editable text and and graphics. Text layers can be turned off if required and new slide text added. Effects like drop shadows can be easily added to graphics as country/state/region areas are all seperate areas. Government agencies, corporations and multinationals: especially those in the field of energy, oil / mineral exploration, telecommunications, banking, finance, airline and transportation. Publishing Time Life International Janes Information Group FT Business Tagblatt (Switzerland) Telegramme (France) Polityka S P (Poland) TV / Motion Graphics BBC CandyLab iMedia (Netherlands) Kiss My Pixel TD4 Burrell Durrant Hifle TV Fun ZDF (Germany) Mountain High Maps Plus is the result of 20 years of intense research and highly skilled map modeling. Each relief model was constructed from intricate survey data to recreate exacting land and ocean contours. The models were lit from strategic cardinal points to provide superior and more striking views than comparable satellite images. We plan to create a showcase page on this website to demonstrate how you have used Mountain High Maps Plus. Use the email form to get in touch. From time to time we will also show you maps that we have created using MHMP. Source.

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