***We will be working in the Macromedia Studio MX STEP_BY_STEP text book. We only have 5 editions so you may have to share a text. Save all of your work to a folder on your Hdrive titled MMII 1Q*** 5 points if student turns in a gif that shows a conscientious effort to do the assignment. Must show knowledge of understanding of the aspects taught from each of the tutorials. Due: Sept. 12 Project 2 Use your Animated GIF skills to experiment with Rollovers. Make 2 unique Rollovers with any small graphics you choose and preview as a web page. Save them on your H: drive as RollOver1.psd and RollOver2.psd Make a 590 x 325 pixel rollover that uses slices to limit the hot zones (more than one) to certain areas of the graphic. Save it on your H: drive as Optimized in a folder named MyRollOver. (10 points) Due: Sept 28 Project 3 Do the Writing HTML tutorial that is located in the ~compsci folder on the Common drive. You will be graded on how accurately you create the web site and how far you get in the tutorial. (10 points) Due Oct. 12 Project 4 Do the FrontPage Tutorial. You will have a 'Millennium' web site when you are finished. You will be graded on how accurately you create the web site. Due Oct. 26 Project 5 Source.

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