My raster does not line up with rest of vector shapefiles, even though both rely on NAD 83 – Geographic Information Systems –

I started creating a map in ArcMap by adding vector shapefiles. All of my vectors have data sources as: When I bring in a raster image downloaded from a North Carolina imagery earth-explorer database, the raster image looks a few hundred miles off from where it should be. The data source of the raster images is: When I add the raster, I get the Geographic Coordinate Systems Warning, saying that the data source of the raster ('GC_NAD_1983_2011') is different from the one used in the data frame. When I go in the Transformations options in the same dialogue box, and try to 'Convert from GCS_NAD_1983_2011' to just 'GCS_North_American_1983', there is no method available under the Using: dropdown, meaning I can't transform. What can I do to rectify this? How can I change the actual datum of the raster? You can have two different projections that share the same datum. In this case, ArcMap can't really use a datum transformation because, well, there's nothing to transform -- they're both already NAD83. Add the raster data into a new, empty map and use the ArcGIS Project tool (found in the Data Management / Projections and Transformations toolbox). You can put it into the exact same projection as your original data (NAD83 North Carolina State Plane, meters) and everything should line up correctly. (Note: Don't use Define Projection unless your source data doesn't have ANY projection. It will overwrite a projection, not transform. See here for an Esri blog post about the difference.) Source.

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