NASA GISS: Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB Data Viewer: Version History

Restored drag-and-drop functionality of colorbars and overlays from desktop into plot windows and into colorbar and overlay browsers. Bugfix: Possible thread deadlock when drag-and-dropping color table file icon from desktop into color table prefs panel. Added menu options for controlling width of central plot area relative to total width, allowing for wider left and right margins. Added ability to save PS and PDF plot graphics in fully vectorized form rather than as a combination of vector art and bitmap. This option must be enabled via the preferences. Bugfix: Drawing of vector lon-lat plot could be blocked for exceptional combinations of map projection parameters and plot size. Added capability to link matching dimensions when making a combined-variable plot so that changing the setting of one variable's dimension appropriately changes the setting of the other variable's dimension. Bugfix: Time-date formatter mysteriously switching relative time units with explicit UTC timezone to display as 'Antarctica/Troll' zone. Implemented plotting of lon-lat data on a 3D auxiliary grid for very specific cases of identifying metadata, notably the case of the third grid dimension being explicitly identified as 'band' (e.g., a satellite sensor wavelength). Library: Updated netCDF-Java to v. 4.6.1 snapshot. This should allow for opening HDF-5 datasets that use huge attributes. Bugfix: Cases reported of a localization problem where conversion of numbers to/from text used a different decimal character. Library: Updated GISSmap to v. 1.7.1, allowing for use of point and multipoint shapefiles and load-on-demand input of outline overlays, and adding various two-hemisphere azimuthal projections. Bugfix: Open-file dialog at launch accepted all understood file types but would try to open color tables and overlays as datasets. Bugfix: Encountered a dataset in which trajectory coordinates were mistakenly identified as auxiliary 1D lon and lat axes. Bugfix: Axes selectors for generic 2D plots and line plots in plot creation dialog did not watch for un-named variable dimensions, as may occur in HDF datasets. Added 'King' and 'Maximum' to plot size options. King is twice the dimensions of Standard, while Maximum is 2.5 times Standard dimensions. Bugfix: Auxiliary lon-lat data gridder did not watch for overly large longitude or latitude values which might indicate cells with no/bad data. Bugfix: Create-plot dialog included singled-valued dimensions amongst possible axes for generic 2D plots and 1D line plots. Added items to history menu to reopen dataset and catalog most recently opened. (An error dialog appears if dataset or catalog is currently open.) Bugfix: Transverse Mercator projected grid handler did not watch for alternative implementation in netCDF-Java library. Also did not doublecheck easting and northing units (i.e., m vs. km). Re-factored gridding for all previously available plot types. Lon-lat plots no longer differentiate between 'coarse' and 'fine' input grids. Input grids are no longer 'flipped' if an axis is not oriented in a specific direction. Added 'generic' 2D plotting for data that is not geo-gridded or which does not follow a well-known metadata convention.. Library: Upgraded GISSmap to v. 1.5.1, allowing for Transverse Mercator (Sphere) and Patterson's Natural Earth projections. Overhauled handling of color tables and map overlays. Those included in the distribution are now embedded within Panoply code jar rather than supplementary folders. Re-designed Preferences window and added panels for new plot types and for managing imported color tables and map overlays. Source.

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Last Modified: April 18, 2016 @ 8:06 am