National Park Service IMC Data Collection Procedures

Purposes: 1) Define GIS data layers used in the creation of Harper's Ferry Center (HFC) brochure maps, 2) create NPS-GIS National coverage(s) in Decimal Degree NAD83, and 3) capture data to be used in the Interactive Map Center ( Derivative products include but were not limited to: 1st generation Data Base standard for each layer, data for posting to the NPS-GIS Data Clearinghouse, and base data for use by HFC for brochure cartographic products. History: HFC creates NPS Brochure maps as cartographic products. Majorities of the source data used in the creation of the HFC brochures are from GIS sources that contain spatially referenced data. The spatial component of the data is lost during the cartographic rendering of the HFC Brochure product (i.e. data import into Adobe Illustrator). Several procedures were attempted to re-integrate a spatial component into HFC brochure map data. To date all attempts have been more costly than re-capture the data into a geographic information system from the original data source(s). A) Data already exists: procedure - digitize directly into the national coverage. Use ArcMap or ArcView to heads-up digitize adding new features into that coverage. (ArcView 3.x to digitize it doesn't re-project on the fly so you have to change it in the View properties. ArcGIS 8.x, data should project on the fly, but was unable to get it to function properly.) In the view right click >,Properties, select the Coordinate System tab. From here you can select the coordinate system to match the DRG/DOQQ you are digitizing off of. For example select Predefined >, Projected Coordinate System >, UTM >, NAD 1983 >, NAD 1983 UTM Zone 15N B) Create new data layer: procedure - create new coverage(s) for features you are adding which do not already exist (e.g. campsites, restrooms, ranger stations, etc.). Digitize all new features in the same projection of the reference (DRG/DOQQ) information by projecting the view in ArcMap or ArcView (See instructions above.) Source.

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