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The ocean theme is best paired with the coastline theme. Turn the outline OFF on the ocean theme, leaving it filled. Then with the coastline, enable it’s stroke. Alexey: That’s a good idea to include in the future. They are not available now. The ones you see are from an old Illustrator file that is not georeferenced. You can simulate this look using Maplex in ArcInfo license. Or creating a centerline of the feature and then drawing the annotation using that representation. Natural Earth provides the geo framework from which you can hand your thematic story. It is not story in and of itself. You’ll have to bring that to the table. Yes, even-odd is normal for SHP files. You’re seeing the ring bits draw. Now you just need to wind them. @Dennisk: Can you provide specific examples of your desired data correlations? I’m not quite following you. Natural Earth is good for zooms 0 to 8. OSM is more zoom 12 to 19. The midzooms between are a free for all. No, Natural Earth is not made from OSM, but complements it. Keep in mind the normal zoom levels on the web skip 1:50 million scale, but that is included as an integer rank in Natural Earth, so offset accordingly from there on. The projection in your scribble is web spherical Mercator. The data you get from natural earth is geographic wgs84. You want qgis to transform your projection on tge fly to match. Not sure what u mean by curve. @Sean: You’ll want to do a data join from the UN region and subregion codes for each country based on the country name or UN / ISO id. Then dissolve based on the region and subregion codes. Natural Earth is 99% accurate for the low-precession it aspires to. This is meant to be a general world dataset. When you zoom into country boundaries in Google Earth you’re going 100x the intended display resolution of this dataset. Source.

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