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Tags:• Arcgis• Training• Learning• Tutorial• Tutorials• Instructor• Certified• Arcview• Arceditor• Arcinfo• Class KnowGIS 10 Training Course Provides Participants with an Understanding of the Important and Essential Principles and Elements of ArcGIS Desktop™ software and GIS. “The KnowGIS™ course provides participants with an understanding of the essential principles and elements of ArcGIS Desktop™ software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The course includes over sixteen hours of material, twelve primary tutorials, and relevant project data. This course provides the groundwork for becoming a productive ArcGIS Desktop ™ user. “ “We sparked magic when ArcGIS™ users experienced KnowGIS™ four years ago,” said Jere Folgert, founder of KnowGIS. “In just four years, the innovative and intensive video-based course has been used by participants around the globe in at least 25 countries. Thank you to all of our amazing participants who have learned from the KnowGIS training course. Participants learn by watching and doing. ” “Using the KnowGIS™ course, participants learn how to use ArcMap™, ArcCatalog™, and ArcToolbox™, and explore how these applications work in concert to organize, display, analyze, and present geographic information assets. This course covers GIS concepts as well as specific components and tools in the ArcView® license of ArcGIS Desktop™. Participants learn how to organize spatial data, query a GIS database, perform selections, edit and modify spatial data, update attribute tables, perform calculations using the field calculator, design and develop a File Geodatabase, register and rectify raster images, transform vector data, project spatial data, create maps and charts, generate reports, and explore spatial analysis.” “The course is taught by Jere P. Folgert. Mr. Jere Folgert has over twenty-one years of GIS experience, has a Master’s of Science degree in GIS from the University of Edinburgh, UK, became an ESRI Certified instructor in 1999, and is the recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award. “ Global Positions is a professional GIS/GPS mapping firm made up of a team of professionals who are highly skilled and have experience in disciplines including project management, field data collection, education/training, and GIS. Source.

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