Rayzist accepts orders for Custom photomasks by mail, fax or telephone. Please click HERE to access price sheets and additional order forms. Please note that vector artwork is always preferred when making a mask because it produces higher quality images. If you only have a bitmap image, it is necessary that the file is in a high resolution format. Generally, the higher the resolution, the cleaner looking the artwork, and thus the better the film when you print. *If you do not have an image creation program, you can design your artwork with text and black-and-white images in Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program. You can then print out the design and mail it to us, or you can scan it and send it via email. Alternatively, you can send in hand-drawn, black-and-white artwork for us to scan. We will clean up the scanned image (if needed) and then produce your photomask. TIF or TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. This is an image file format appropriate for use with text, photographs and line art. The format was developed by Aldus, which is now Adobe Systems. Many graphics programs can open and create TIF files. JPG or JPEG refers to a type of compression that is commonly used for photographic images. Many graphics programs can open and create JPG files. AI stands for Adobe Illustrator Artwork, this file format is proprietary to Adobe Systems and is used by the Adobe Illustrator software program. This type of file is appropriate for vector drawings. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. EPS files have the advantage of being stable, they are basically self-contained files that don’t require a specific type of software to display the image correctly. EPS files can be created within Adobe Illustrator. CDR is the file extension used by CorelDRAW. This proprietary file format is used to save vector images created in CorelDRAW. CDR files are not widely compatible with other software programs. Source.

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