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I'm relatively new to adobe illustrator. I've seen a lot of great Adobe Illustrator maps with nice basemaps. What is a good technique for creating a basemap? I included an example of a map I like. I am working on a map in ArcMap (10.2) and when I went to check how some of my markers looked in Illustrator I got some odd results. Here is a picture of the error: If you look closely in the red ... I'm developing an iPhone offline map application. I've illustrator map georeferenced (using mapublisher), have geodatabase ( and parking data (shp/csv). Requirements: The map ... When I create a PDF file with QGis and open it in Adobe Illustrator, I cannot select the polygons one by one but only all together... See picture below With a PDF exported with another GIS software, ... I use symbol levels to represent different overlaying lines by importance from a field value. The red lines are more important and yellow less. That's what I get in ArcMap: And now that's what I ... I have a landuse layer as an ArcGIS shapefile which looks like this (here only a small sample part) The round shape of the lightgreen area results from a buffer and as the borders of this feature ... I have a map in Adobe Illustrator with several vector layers. ( Therefore the vector data have no spatial reference and no attributes. What is the best way to turn these vector data into a GIS and ... Me: A newbie to the technical side of map making. I have extensive experience with Creative Suite apps and interactive and dynamic Flash, and some experience with interactive SVGs. The project: An ... I work with a small non-profit mountain bike trail advocacy organizationand as a result have created a number of PDF-based maps. These are all Mercator projection, built off of OpenStreetMap data, and ... I've created a new raster in GRASS, starting from a dem and using the commands r.relief and r.shade. Now I would like to export this new raster as a georeferenced image and import it in Adobe ... I am currently working with 3 data frames in ArcMap. I exported them to pdf then Adobe Illustrator. I noticed that 2 of the data frames that include rasters come up with striped layers on them (while ... I'm having this issue with certain polygons when I export to PDF. Everything looks fine in QGIS, everything fine in print composer, everything fine in the PDF as viewed in Preview or Adobe Reader. ... ArcMap export of a layout to Adobe Illustrator file converts all dashed-line symbology into dashes or dots that are not selectable as one object. How can I use ArcObjects .NET to access symbol ... When I export SVG files from QGIS using the Print composer the stroke widths become a lot wider when importing into Adobe Illustrator. It seems like the stroke width in the SVG translates differently ... I have data for obesity rates and alcohol consumption for 20 different countries, all in the same data table. I want to create 20 separate bar graphs, which I can then place over each country to show ... Source.

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