We all know that illustrator is the best tool for creating amazing vector graphics and illustrations artwork. So today we are sharing new illustrator tutorials that will teach you how to create vector icons, characters, retro / vintage typo effects and many more useful graphics. These can enhance your illustration skills and improve the quality of your works. There is wonderful lesson by Nataliya Dolotko on the design.tutsplus.com site. She shares the skill how to draw varenyks (traditional ukrainian stuffed dumplings) with sour cream. Good appetite after a study guaranteed! Imagine that the time has come when all the work is done and the results can be published. It remains to check if everything is ok. In addition to the article 'How to and why convert the text into curves?' I want to tell how to check whether the text in the document. Soon the new year. And, as always, at this time there is a problem of making calendars for next year. Of course, you can manually build calendar grid and it's not difficult. But in CorelDRAW editor is a macro that significantly simplify this boring stage. Quite often, authors send us their works, where there are text jbjects. And often these texts are not converted to curves so is difficult to work with them. Let us consider the case of the example in CorelDRAW. We have review for the past year! The site visionwidget.com contains a compilation of useful lessons for one of the best tools for create vector images - Adobe Illustrator. Explore new techniques now easy with the useful tutorials by step by step from the best craftsmans. I hope this will help you achieve even better results in the future. I would like to invite you to see another vector map of Ukraine. It is based on UN map number 3773 rev.5, by September 2008. I have translated it into Ukrainian. If you notice any mistakes, please contact me. I would especially like to thank the Cartography section of the UN for permission to use their maps. Source.

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