North America Map – Editable Vector Illustrator, WMF and PDF

Multiple color North America Map with country names (.ai, .gif, .wmf, .pdf) Multiple color North America Map without country names (.gif, .wmf, .pdf) Single color North America Map with country names (.ai, .gif, .wmf, .pdf) Single color North America Map without country names (.gif, .wmf, .pdf) System Requirements: Adobe Illustrator to work with the (.ai) files, and editable (.pdf) files.Please Note: This North America Map does not include a PowerPoint (.ppt) file. Simply give us a share on one of your social media accounts and a special discount will be applied to your purchase at checkout! This fantastic collection of North America Maps are provided in a number of formats, including Adobe® Illustrator(.AI), Windows Meta File (.WMF), (.JPG) and (.GIF). . This means you can add your own elements to the North America continent map, edit borders, separate regions or objects, change map object colors, show or hide layers and more! You can resize the North America images without losing quality. Perfect for creating custom poster size North America maps. Additionally, region names are provided on a different layer in Adobe Illustrator, so they can be manipulated as needed. The WMF files (.wmf) can be imported into popular applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint® and Office® and edited for presentations, reports, demonstrations and more! Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica Source.

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