NRM maintains a cartographic staff and GIS mapping facilities. NRM conducts aerial photograph interpretation for a variety of projects including vegetative analysis, road construction, timberland management, wildlife habitats and watershed analysis. Aerial photograph interpretation and mapping of timberlands has been completed on over 25 million acres to date. NRM can ortho-rectify aerial photos and add them to a GIS for more accurate measurements. Paper maps are usually on our large scale digitizing table or can be scanned. Desired information is then obtained and added to our GIS using heads-up digitizing. The Company's GIS department facilitates data analysis through efficient integration of spatial and tabular data. Data can be converted from other prominent GIS formats as well. The NRM map library contains base maps that cover hydrology, transportation, ownership, landnet and topographic layers in both hard copy and form for all of the western United States. We use the most recent data available and order aerial photo flights if needed. The hardcopy library includes geologic, soils, vegetation, wetland and precipitation maps. NRM uses the latest GIS software and hardware for the extraction, maintenance and analysis of data and the publication of maps for our professionals and clients. We currently use MapInfo, ArcGIS, Arcpad, ERMapper, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Trimble software and hardware for our data collection, editing and presentation of GIS data. Source.

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