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Octave can work with gnuplot, Grace, PLplot. Some people deem PLplot is a replacement of the traditional gnuplot in Octave. If a single data argument is supplied, it is taken as the set of Y coordinates and the X coordinates are taken to be the indices of the elements, starting with 1. results in a vector with n linearly spaced numbers between b and l. It is often used to produce the vector X in the two-argument form of plot. Furthermore, a set of property-value pairs may also be applied, simultanously, to each 'line' drawn by plot. Here instead of line plot we place a '+' marker on the graph for each datapoint, choose the first color (red), and add a legend. >,>, help colormap 'colormap' is a function from the file C:OctaveOctave-4.0.1shareoctave4.0.1 mimagecolormap.m If the device is omitted, it is inferred from the file extension, or if there is no filename it is sent to the printer as postscript. Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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