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Whether you are a professional developer or a “regular” user, this article provides you with information on how to download and use the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s open and free maps and geospatial data. To download the data sets you must register (except for historical maps). Data sets must be used according to the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s terms of use. You can download data sets from out main download page here or from our historical maps site (texts in Norwegian only). We advise you to read this entire article, especially if you are unsure about further procedures and the knowledge required to make full use of our data sets. If you are you interested in purchasing other geospatial data, please contact the Norwegian Hydrographic Service for marine geospatial data or one of our distributors for topographical land or property data. The map data sets are released in a form that is as close to the original as possible. This provides professional developers with as much free rein as possible to develop their own products and services based on the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s data. Topographic vector data, boundaries, road data and place names are provided in SOSI and GeoJSON formats. The elevation models are provided as DEM’s. N50-N5000 topographical land data can be found in ESRI File Geodatabase format, and in addition the N50 data is available in raster format as MrSID. At the moment, professional developers and GIS workers will benefit the most from many of our open data sets. It is our goal that the map data can be used to develop new solutions, which can be useful to many users. Not all of our data sets require a professional background for usage, but can be beneficial for “regular” users as well. Our historical maps are simple to use, download, and print out. Go to our historical maps site. The other data sets are available on our main download page. N50 topographical land data, which is the foundation of the national map series Norway 1:50 000, is available as MrSID files. Among other things, this means that “regular” users can download the open data sets for their smart phone or tablet and have high-quality, detailed, and updated local- and national maps, for example using the free app GeoWiever from Lizardtech. Our illustration maps are also easily downloaded. They are available in a format, which can be opened with a variety of software. The AI (Adobe Illustrator) files are tabular and put together with points, lines, and levels and users can easily make changes and adjustments to the map. Further, we have created most of our maps in JPEG- or TIFF format to make it easier to use them as illustration maps. These files are digital pictures of the map, and users can therefore not change colours or the like on these maps. However, the files can be opened in standard drawing and photo editing programmes where users can choose their own sections, add information, and print or paste the maps into other documents. The TIFF files are GeoTIFF’s, meaning that the coordinate and projection information is stored within the image. In addition, most of the illustration maps are available as EMF and PowerPoint files, in which it is possible to change colours on lines, levels, and points in the map. The EMF files can be imported into a word document from which the content can be edited. In addition to making data sets available for download, the Norwegian Mapping Authority has opened up for free display of maps and geospatial data. Users, who wish to view digital maps directly on the web without downloading them, can go to the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s pages (detailed digital map of Norway) and Se eiendom (property data map). On these pages users will find continuously updated data from our databases as well as detailed maps of the entire country. The Norwegian Mapping Authority offers free wms and cache services, search services, and processing services for system developers, programmers, and others who wish to use it on their own websites and in their own mapping solutions. These services collect data from our topographical maps and thematic maps. Links to articles about these services can be found on our site about open and free geospatial data (Norwegian texts only). Phone: 08700 (from abroad: + 47 32 11 81 21)Email: post@kartverket.noAddresses and more contact information Source.

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