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Does anyone know where I can find the open street maps api for android? I have searched the site and all I can see is other peoples implementations of it. You can integrate OSM by using the Osmdroid API. This gives you functionality very similar to Google maps but you can also use OSM tiles offline if you prepare the tiles with Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) You just need the osmdroid-android-3.0.5.jar in your build path. You don't need an API key like Google demands and tiles get cached, so next time you visit that location you save on data download costs/time. The OSM APIs themselves are RESTful APIs, you can interact with them using standard HTTP requests. The main OSM Api is generally used to interact with OSM data and is used to make editors. If you want to just fetch osm data (like specific POIs) i recommend you take a look at overpass api. Please remember that with OSM you have access to the underlying map data itself unlike Google Maps and these are API to access those. If you just want map tiles or routing functionality check out the options below. osmdroid : I use this library if i have to work with tiles that are in mbtiles format that i generate using tilemill. There is a bonus library for routing called osmbonuspack that adds lots of routing and POI functionality to this library. Also mapbox has released Mapbox Android SDK based on this library. I haven't tried it but it may be worth a look. mapsforge: I use this library when i need to have the map data in vector format and also because it works with another great library called graphhopper in android. graphhopper: I use this library for offline routing using osm data. This is a lightweight java routing library which work for android as well. I suggest you take a look at these libraries if you want to use OSM with android. Also after you get somewhat familiar with these libraries i suggest you take a look at the code for popular android based tools for osm like osmand, osmtracker and Vespucci You can find lots of tutorials on the internet based on these libraries. Do explore. I hope this helps. If you are going for a commercial app them it's worth taking a look at 'commercial grade Android SDKs' - all vendors allow you to customise your app (depending on the vendor, the degree of customisation may vary), and I believe all vendors have 'free tiers' (payment plans where you actually don't have to pay :) ) that might be good enough for your app (or at least you don't have to pay until your app is commercially successful). Source.

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