This example demonstrates how a map's view can be adjusted so a geometry or coordinate is positioned at a specific pixel location. The map above has top, right, bottom, and left padding applied inside the viewport. The view's <,code>,fitGeometry<,/code>, method is used to fit a geometry in the view with the same padding. The view's <,code>,centerOn<,/code>, method is used to position a coordinate (Lausanne) at a specific pixel location (the center of the black box). Example of using the drag-and-drop interaction with a ol.source.ImageVector. Drag and drop GPX, GeoJSON, IGC, KML, or TopoJSON files on to the map. Each file is rendered to an image on the client. R-Tree example. Please note that this example only works locally, it does not work when the examples are hosted. This is because it accesses internals the R-Tree data structure, which are not exported in the API. Example of using the Select interaction. Choose between <,code>,Single-click<,/code>,, <,code>,Click<,/code>, and <,code>,Hover<,/code>, as the event type for selection in the combobox below. When using <,code>,Single-click<,/code>, or <,code>,Click<,/code>, you can hold do <,code>,Shift<,/code>, key to toggle the feature in the selection. Source.

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