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Ortelius introduces super smart tools made for mapping that speed-up the process of manual map making, plus a full graphics suite to support your creativity. Ortelius is used to create custom map graphics. From city guides to personal projects, see how others are using Ortelius. The Style Editor is used to create and edit expert “stacked” styles, comprised of various style components, such as cased roads and pattern fills. Perfect for mapping. Unique cartography tools specialize in simplifying those tedious little graphic tasks that make manual map design a challenge. Using our unique Linear Select tool, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to insert special objects along linear Track features. Insert bridges, tunnels, embankments, “magic Roundabouts” and more. Love the “just-right positioning” for labels. Ortelius includes over 1700 royalty-free map symbols and style — all fully scalable vector graphics. Plus a library to store your own. Choose from preset and custom map scales, or interactively calibrate map scale based on known features in your map. Sometimes the perfect map just doesn’t exist – read more to see how map makers use Ortelius to create a custom tour map. Ortelius is perfect for personal projects ranging from genealogy, to historic map reproduction, to school projects, to land cover mapping. Design tutorials covering a wide range of topics, such as special style effects for digitally handmade maps. Many tutorials include free sample files. Explore Ortelius from start to finish. Every drawing app feature and function is fully documented in our on-line User Guide. This program single-handedly saved my skin this past semester. I was taking a course on History & Cartography, and… I found it easy to use but also felt it brought out the creativity. Onward, onward, onward! So after 2 weeks of struggling in Illustrator… Wow. It only took me a few hours to complete what has (unsuccessfully) taken me weeks to accomplish. Well worth it!!! I love Ortelius… It is running better than I thought a mapping program like this would. It is easy to use and very helpful to my military map projects. Join the conversation. We host an active support forum for you to share experience, find tips, get help, and troubleshoot. Source.

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