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Click to choose a vector graphic file by using the standard file browser. After selection, the full path name appears on this button. Reloads the vector graphic file using the same name and path. You don’t need to use the file browser to reload the vector graphic file after you've edited it. Mipmaps are a set of lower-detail bitmaps. The first is half the size of the original image, the next is half the size of that, and so on down to a single pixel. (You can think of them as being arranged like a pyramid.) They are used to optimize display time and reduce when the texture is to be displayed at less than full size. For example, if your original image is 512 x 512 pixels, but the area in which it would be displayed is only 100 pixels square, the display device would interpolate between the 128 x 128 mipmap and the 64 x 64 mipmap. Some parameters, such as opacity or specular level, are a single value as opposed to a material's three-value color components. Controls in this group determine the source of the Output mono channel in terms of the input vector file. Uses the intensity of the red, green, and blue channels as the map. The color of the pixels is ignored and only the value or luminance of the pixels is used. The colors are computed as gray values in the range between 0 (black) and 255 (white). The RGB Channel Output determines where the output RGB part comes from. The controls in this group affect only maps for material components that display color: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Filter Color, Reflection, and Refraction. The controls in this group let you crop the vector graphic file or reduce its size for custom placement. Cropping a vector graphic file means to reduce it to a smaller rectangular area than it originally had. Cropping doesn't change the scale of the graphic. Placing a vector graphic file lets you scale the map and place it anywhere within its tile. Placing can change the graphic's scale, but shows the entire graphic. The four values that specify the placement and size of the cropping or placement region are all animatable. Cropping and placement settings affect the graphic only as it's used for this map and any instances of the map. They have no effect on the vector graphic file itself. Opens a window that shows the vector graphic surrounded by a region outline with handles at its sides and corners. To change the size of the crop area, drag the handles. To move the region, position the mouse cursor inside it and drag. To see the results of editing the region, turn on Apply (see preceding). This shows changes in the region as you make them. The vector graphic window has U/V and W/H (width/height) controls on its toolbar. Use these to adjust the location and size the image or crop area. The UV/XY button at the right of the window toolbar lets you switch between using UV or XY coordinates in the toolbar spinners (Default=UV). . Converts the colors in the vector graphic file to grayscale tonal values and uses them for transparency. Black is transparent and white is opaque. This page has been translated for your convenience using a machine translation service. This does not serve as an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations. Autodesk makes no warranty, express or implied, as to accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information translated by the machine translation service and shall not be liable for any damages or loss from your reliance on the translation service. Source.

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