Patterns, Textures Design Tutorials (Photoshop,Illustrator)

If you are a web or a graphic designer you might use Patterns and Textures a lot. We have seen many websites describe patterns and Textures as a trend in web designing, but it is not just a trend. Patterns and textures are building block of a website like colors, fonts …. Patterns and textures help designers to add depth and feel to a design. I have to admit that the use of patterns, textures are negligible than before. Today’s designs are more minimal and flat. even though, patterns are still in place as they add personality to a design. Today in this post we have put together a great list of patterns, textures Design tutorials for designers. You can see both photoshop and illustrator tutorials here. This Tutorial aids to learn how to create a detailed topographic map effect, then convert the design into a seamless pattern.This tutorial starts with Photoshop, after that switches over to Illustrator a little later. This tutorial will helps to produce a cubical pattern background and a triangular pattern using Illustrator. This Tutorial may helps to produce a seamless leather texture by using the Pencil Tool and Pattern Editing mode. In this tutorial, Steven features the techniques he used to create his patterns, using the theme of creative ‘career progression’, and displays how to reach the top of this chosen field. This Tutorial helps to create abstract gradient pattern art using a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator techniques. This Tutorial will helps to develop a vector wooden texture in Adobe Illustrator.The technique that is covered here has become attainable thanks to the use of the WidthScribe plug-in that allows you to work efficiently with variable width paths. This tutorial runs through the process of creating lovely spring flowers, setting these up into a pattern, cropping said pattern, and various uses of said design. This tutorial explains the process of creating a modern chevron background pattern using Illustrator’s vector shape tools. Then bring the design over to Photoshop to include some extra polish and really bring the pattern to life with subtle gradients and texture effects. This tutorial will helps to create designs influenced by a few Asian cultures and layer them on top of each other in order to make a complex, detailed pattern. Armed with a limited color palette, basic shapes, and the Pattern options panel, the techniques used in this tutorial are applicable time and time again. One of the various powerful aids to illustration in Adobe Illustrator is the ability to create and apply repeating patterns. This tutorial explains how to get a simple circle design and change it into a vibrant retro pattern. Gradient shapes, the Pattern Options panel, and the Pucker & Bloat effect all play integral roles in creating a fun geometric pattern. This tutorial explains with adjustment layers and numerous effects in order to make a seamless grunge texture in the form of a pattern fill. This is a great short tutorial, which is a great introduction into using some of the basic pen tool features, as well being a great starter on how to create seamless pattern sets. This tutorial helps to create the popular retro style pattern design made up of plenty of colourful squares and triangles. The method is pretty simple, making this a good tutorial for newcomers to Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial helps to create different desk and office icons and compile them into a quick and easy seamless pattern using the Pattern Options panel. This tutorial helps to create an intertwining trellis design from scratch using grid layouts and lining up a narrow, rotated rectangle according to said grid layout.. Source.

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