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Adobe Acrobat is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a life without portable documents. What many people don’t realize is that PDF is a Federal Information Processing Standard, which means the specifications behind the format are widely published. Numerous developers take advantage of this fact and create programs that offer effective alternatives to Acrobat. Check out our list of these programs and take advantage of these tools that are full of some of the best PDF features and functions. These editors won’t be used on your desktop as you would use Acrobat or any other PDF application. Rather, you can use these offerings to build into your own apps so that you can automate the PDF creation and manipulation process. If you’re a developer and you want to move beyond the capabilities of a desktop PDF creator, these libraries, scripts, and systems will help you incorporate PDF creation into your own applications. With these tools, you should be able to go way beyond Adobe. Even better, you can do it for free and have the option to customize your experience using their open source status. lt,br /gt, lt,a href=http://s30.sitemeter.com/stats.asp?site=s30adobeacrobatpdf target=_topgt,lt,br /gt, lt,img src=http://s30.sitemeter.com/meter.asp?site=s30adobeacrobatpdf alt=Site Meter border=0/gt,lt,/agt,lt,br /gt, Source.

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