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View and annotate PDF files for free. Optimized to work with large PDF files even for devices with limited resources. This free tool allows you to perform freehand drawing and text input for any PDF file in any color or size that you want. Note: PDFNote does not edit your PDF files in any way, so you won't be able to see the annotations unless you open them with this app. Future versions will allow you to merge the annotations with the PDF files, and sync annotations across devices. Beta release. Please consider email developer directly before leaving negative reviews. New in this version: - Added zoom controls - Improved text input procedure - Fix canvas size Version 5: - Added highlighter tool - Added confirmation dialogs - Added previous/next buttons - Added auto-save feature Version 4: - Added eraser button - Improved options button Version 3: - Fixed crashing issue when switching to scroll mode - Fixed saving/loading of annotations issue - Added delete button to clear all annotations from a canvas Version 2: - Open PDF files directly through file type association - Added ability to change text size/color while writing - Undo using Ctrl-Z and redo using Ctrl-Y - Text drag and drop relocation - Default to saving the text entered when clicking away I can now open a PDF, bust out my stylus and make notes and highlight text. Simple, easy to use, and all of the features I need. I've tried other PDF annotate type apps, but none of them work with a stylus, they force you to use your finger. Not sure if it is a windows problem or problem with the app, but half the time when I tap on it the app just sits there 'loading' in an endless cycle and I just close it frustrated. When it does open and work, all is fine. It's just what I want. I just get tired of the issues getting it up and going. I was really excited to find a free PDF draw app, but this app has quality that reflects its price (or lake thereof). There are few functions, which is fine, but the functions it does have do not work very well. Difficult to freehand on, runs slowly, the 'text' option is relatively pointless, the list goes on. I'm not a very picky person, and this app is downright frustrating. I wouldn't bother All I wanted was an app that could edit PDF files (with handwriting capability) for free and that is exactly what I got. Basic options with the hand writing, different pen colors and sizes, highlighting (basically a transparent pen). Response from pen to PDF could be better, but still gets the job done. Do not be deterred from this app by reading earlier reviews! Most of the issues that they were describing have been resolved. Can't wait to try this app in class on Monday! Hey, This is really a tech request, but there's no info in the app on how to do that. It seems like I can only view and note one page at a time. And there's no rotate feature. I'm a little confused by this. Can you please help me find these features? Thanks, -James This app has few features, few functions, and a hard to use interface. However, it does have the most basic functions, i.e. it works, but not very well. I am a student and I really need an app that can annotate, insert text, and highlight, and this app is just not it. It required a password for a PDF that runs in other applications without one, and it has no ability to select or edit text. If you require a real PDF editor and reader, give this one a try, Drawboard PDF. It is a little pricey, but it can do everything I need and more. On the whole, this app can open, PDFs, but editing and working with them is not it's strongpoint. If you're just looking for a reader, this or MS reader will work alright, though MS's is more polished. I wanted an app that would allow me to easily take notes freehand on top of PDF's, but the app crashes every time I switch from freehand to scrolling. It also requires you to open each page separately, making it very annoying to read a book since I have to exit the page I finished reading to choose the next page to read. Only has the capability of writing notes (freehand and typed), no highlighting. It has basic functions for apdf reader, the very basic , like the fact you can undo all previous changes, regardless of tool used Microsoft may email you a response from the app provider (but won’t share your email address). Use the link in the email to opt out of future communications. Source.

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