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Learn how to take great photos using advanced manual exposure, lighting techniques (flash, reflective, natural), exposure bracketing, metering, custom white balance, compositional techniques and the use of props, taking better close-ups, group portraits, and great landscape and nature shots. Get the most out of your zoom lenses and learn some basic photo editing techniques. This class is perfect for those with a digital SLR (dSLR) or more advanced point-and-shoot digital cameras with aperture priority (Av-A) and or shutter priority (Tv-S) and Manual exposure (M) modes. You’ll have homework each week. There will be several shooting and lighting exercises. Bring camera, flash drive or memory card reader, cable to attach camera to computer, user manual, lenses, external flash, tripod, filters, etc., if you have them. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I and must know aperture and shutter priority. Create more complex illustrations, apply special effects, and use advanced features. Prerequisite: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator. 12 hours. 1.2 CEUs. This course builds on the concepts and skills taught in InDesign Level 1. Create professional-looking layouts more efficiently. Learn how to set up multi-page spreads, work with vector paths, format type using advanced features, create lighting effects, adjust transparency, define object styles, explore the use of tables in a document, use the Story Editor, and manage long documents. Prerequisites: InDesign Level 1. 1.2 CEUs. Create animations, movies, and mobile apps using Adobe Flash. To view a full description and create your online account, please visit Finally a class for you to organize and edit all your digital photos! Learn to import photos and videos to your computer using various organizers like Google’s Picasa, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and Premier Elements. Edit them with Photoshop Elements for exposure corrections, color balance, sharpening, making collages, and much more. Also, learn to digitize and restore old photos in B&W or color. Learn strategies for backing up photos and videos at home and online using cloud sites like Dropbox. Also learn to prepare your images for the web, and how to get the best prints at home or through a professional lab. Prerequisite: Digital Photography Basics. Source.

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