Use Mozilla Firefox and 'save file' to download the template . If you use Internet Explorer, it will automatically convert it to a pdf file. Caltech has downloadable academic rate license for Adobe Illustrator CS2. Caltech has a site license for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Check them out at and click on software. Adobe Illustrator- Vector drawing program for laying out posters- file extension .ai (It is possible to use Coreldraw to do the initial layout but you will have to convert the files) Adobe Photoshop - bitmap program for adjusting photos and graphs in the following formats: jpg, psd, tiff, .bmp, etc. .eps files must be generated in Photoshop. The Corel Photopaint .eps files will not work. .eps = encapsulated postscript. Template #1: Download the blank poster template in Adobe encapsulated postscript (.eps). Not all eps files are created equal. You must use the Adobe software to process your graphics. Templates #2- 13: Download a template in Adobe Illustrator (versions 10,11 or CS2), where you fill in the blanks, change the colors, and insert pictures. Template #14: Download a template with text boxes, photo boxes and notes on what to put where on the poster . Here is a Caltech icon with a transparent background in .psd format to insert in a poster. It is 1.85' x 1.85'. Easels:This is what the easels look like. Helpful hints on poster production: modified from Santiago Lombeyda's page: Source.

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