Corel Draw is software package for drawing program that makes it simple to create professional artwork. It is useful for the person who are in the field of designing such as architects, fashions designers etc. It is the ideal tool for virtually and designing projects from logos, advertisements, visiting cards etc. The tools used in corel draw are pick tool, shape tool, eraser tool, zoom tool, freehand tool, text tool, fill tool, etc. Corel draw provides a set page sizes like A4, A3, Letter so that we can design and print booklets, greeting cards and more. It provides access to other applications that allows us to work quickly and efficiently, for example Bit map. Corel Draw provides seven 3D effects that give illusion of three dimensional depths. Art strokes effects has 14 effects that gives images an organic, hand painted look. Blur provide 9 effects that alter pixel and helps to create motion effects. Color transform effects provide 4 effects for changing the colors in an image. Creative provide 14 effects that provides variety of textures. Distort contain 10 effects that transform the appearance of an image without adding depth. Sharpen include 5 effects that sharpen the pixels an enhance edges. Noise has 8 noise effects that create, control and eliminate noise. It allows us to change the case i.e. upper case and lower case. Corel draw can handle number of pages including multiple layers. The competitors of corel draw are Adobe and graphic designers. Corel Draw works in the color mode of grayscale, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) combination, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Krypton) combination. We can save files in corel draw as corel draw file, JPEG file, PDF file etc. Corel draw is vector masked software while Photoshop is layer based software. The negative point of corel draw is we cannot open the higher version file in lower version software, for example, corel draw X4 file cannot be opened in corel draw X3 version software. Source.

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