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I think we need more information. What type of file are you printing (vector data, raster images attached)? What is the sheet size of the output (ex. roll plot 36x120)? Are you using transparencies? Are you using the Bentley supplied pdf.plcfg & what settings are defined for resolution? We are mainly printing vector data, but do have files with attached raster images. The output is single sheet 11'x17'. We do use transparencies, the Bently supplied pdf.plcfg and the resolution is 1200 for both vector and raster. CAD/GIS : [Bentley MS V4 - V8i, GeoGraphics, Map, InRoads ,Intergraph Siteworks, AutoCAD Map/Civil, HHK Geograf, IBr DAVID, Sysdeco GINIS, AED-SICAD] Dev: [C, C++, Basic , Visual Basic, Java, SQL, FORTRAN, C#, UML, SOA,] 'Wer Kritik übel nimmt, hat etwas zu verbergen' [direct quote by:] Source.

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