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It is basically an oval (euro sticker) style vector graphic that is editable in illustrator (I have the .ai and .eps file). The file looks like this: It was created so I could easily edit the file in freehand to change the 2 or 3 letters that go in the center, change the text under the letters and change the website in the oval. I recently bought CorelDraw and I'd like this file to be converted into CorelDraw format so I can easily edit it and make new stickers and output the file as an eps, gif, tif or whatever. I tried opening the eps or freehand file in CorelDraw (version 12) and the formatting didn't come out right (I couldn't edit the text at all). If you can do this, please post here and I'll send you the vector file. I prefer not to post the vector file to the public forum, so if there is another way for me to send the artwork to the designers, just let me know. Source.

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