-Jclon0/lat0/scale (Cassini) -Jcyl_stere/[lon0/[lat0/]]scale (Cylindrical Stereographic) -Jj[lon0/]scale (Miller) -Jm[lon0/[lat0/]]scale (Mercator) -Jmlon0/lat0/scale (Mercator - Give meridian and standard parallel) -Jo[a]lon0/lat0/azimuth/scale (Oblique Mercator - point and azimuth) -Jo[b]lon0/lat0/lon1/lat1/scale (Oblique Mercator - two points) -Joclon0/lat0/lonp/latp/scale (Oblique Mercator - point and pole) -Jq[lon0/[lat0/]]scale (Cylindrical Equidistant) -Jtlon0/[lat0/]scale (TM - Transverse Mercator) -Juzone/scale (UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator) -Jy[lon0/[lat0/]]scale (Cylindrical Equal-Area) -Jblon0/lat0/lat1/lat2/scale (Albers) -Jdlon0/lat0/lat1/lat2/scale (Conic Equidistant) -Jllon0/lat0/lat1/lat2/scale (Lambert Conic Conformal) -Jpoly/[lon0/[lat0/]]scale ((American) Polyconic) -Jalon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale (Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area) -Jelon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale (Azimuthal Equidistant) -Jflon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale (Gnomonic) -Jglon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale (Orthographic) -Jglon0/lat0/altitude/azimuth/tilt/twist/Width/Height/scale (General Perspective). -Jslon0/lat0[/horizon]/scale (General Stereographic) -Jh[lon0/]scale (Hammer) -Ji[lon0/]scale (Sinusoidal) -Jkf[lon0/]scale (Eckert IV) -Jk[s][lon0/]scale (Eckert VI) -Jn[lon0/]scale (Robinson) -Jr[lon0/]scale (Winkel Tripel) -Jv[lon0/]scale (Van der Grinten) -Jw[lon0/]scale (Mollweide) -Jp[a]scale[/origin][r|z] (Polar coordinates (theta,r)) -Jxx-scale[d|l|ppow|t|T][/y-scale[d|l|ppow|t|T]] (Linear, log, and power scaling) In addition, you may optionally append +rradius[c|i|m|p] to set a minimum label separation in the x-y plane [no limitation]. To plot the xyz values in the file quakes.xyzm as circles with size given by the magnitude in the 4th column and color based on the depth in the third using the color palette cpt on a linear map, use To plot the file trench.xy on a Mercator map, with white triangles with sides 0.25 inch on the left side of the line, spaced every 0.8 inch, use To plot the data in the file misc.d as symbols determined by the code in the last column, and with size given by the magnitude in the 4th column, and color based on the third column via the color palette cpt on a linear map, use When a record other than the D or A is encountered, the polygon is closed and considered complete. The optional pen and fill setting hardwires particular values for this feature. If not present the polygon's characteristics are determined by the command line settings for pen and fill. To deactivate fill or outline for any given polygon, give -G- or -W-. To add other geometric shapes to your custom symbol, add any number of the following plot code records (each accepts the optional [ -Wpen ] and [ -Gfill ] at the end): circle: x y size c cross: x y size x diamond: x y size d ellipse: x y dir major minor e hexagon: x y size h invtriangle: x y size i letter: x y size string l octagon: x y size g pentagon: x y size n plus: x y size + rect: x y xwidth ywidth r square: x y size s star: x y size a triangle: x y size t wedge: x y radius dir1 dir2 w x-dash: x y size - y-dash: x y size y When designing your symbol, the x, y and other dimensions are relative to a symbol of size 1, and all the dimensions will be scaled by the actual symbol size chosen at run-time. To design a symbol, make a grid paper with psbasemap -R-0.5/0.5/-0.5/0.5 -JX4i -Ba0.1gBggP0.05 -P >, grid.ps and draw your symbol, centering it on (0,0). For examples of symbols, see the set supplied with GMT in $GMT_SHAREDIR/custom. Source.

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