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This forum covers all questions dealing with visualization of data within the native PTV xMap interface. Please remember that additional plugins such as AJAX or Leaflet may be handeled in other forums. I already spoke to some experts from the core development and forwarded your request to some more developers. The answer probably depends on the interface you want to use. I assume you'd like to have a generic approach of the pure xMap api does not support a straight object or parameter setting that supports circles. From my perspective you have to compute a sufficient number of polygonpoints in Mercator coordinates. These points have to be provided within a standard Geometry layer or a Custom layer. Attention: if you use a coordinate format besides Mercator the shapes won't be 'round'. This is why you should compute in Mercator and - if necessary - transform the points into the coord format you want to use in the request. I added a spontaneous xsample here: it is always an option to provide the same approach as with native xmap. But this is where I request the experts to give a dedicated answer. PTV recommends to use client side rendering of such objects. This is because our core efforts are spent on logistics content and expertise such as with xServer.NET you can use a ShapeLayer and a MapPolyline object. Computation of circle points coordinates is similar to the native approach. With the xServer .Net control you can take another approach and use the System.Windows.Shapes.Ellipse class instead of the MapPolyline. For a working example you can check the sample code on github: Source.

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