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I want to turn this map image (without any actual GIS data) into a vector map where each point is defined by lat, long. To do this, I'm trying to import it in QGIS. I'm using the OpenLayers plugin to have Google maps as a basemap layer. I have an empty vector layer with projection set to EPSG:3857 where I want to draw the points. I import the map guessing the coordinate system to be `Any idea what projection was used to create that map? I tried both pasting coordinates in this format 48.767479, -97.551781 (found on Bing Maps searching the name of the cities) and in this format 48 46 02.92, -097 33 06.41 found using this converter. I also tried picking coordinates from this webpage instead, which gives me projected coordinates in EPSG:3857, and feeding them to the Georeferencer plugin worked. However, my image is now very distorted when shown on top of the Google Maps (or Bing Maps) layer. I guess the projection is not Mercator. Any idea on how I can work on this map without the distortion? Your last attempt looks very promising. With more than 5 points you might get an even better picture. Using as many border points as possible for georeferencing, I take the coordinates from the map canvas with the middle icon: Some of the informations on this site are from interent and all rights belong to their respective owners, these informations are being used in good faith and being used under the 'Fair Use' provisions. If you think your copyright has been infringed, please contact us and we will remove them. Source.

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