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When working on drawings or plans, it is sometimes desirable to insert bitmaps in the background and add drawing elements on top of the bitmap to add vector data or vectorize data from the bitmap. Bitmaps with map data, for example from Google Maps may be inserted to give an idea of the surroundings of a planned structure or landscaping feature. With QCAD, you can insert bitmaps and move, scale and rotate them into place in a few simple steps outlined below. - Save the map file into the same directory where you are planning to save the DXF or DWG drawing file. This is highly recommended to keep DXF/DWG and the bitmap file together. When transferring the DXF/DWG file to another computer or sending it to someone else, be sure to always include the bitmaps files. Bitmap files are referenced and NOT embedded in the DXF/DWG file when inserted. - Note the location of two distinguished points A and B in the map. The two points should not be too close together. For the most precise result, choose two points as far away from each other as possible. - Copy the coordinates from the bottom of the browser screen into a text document, etc. where you can retrieve them later. Since latitude and longitude are polar coordinates, they are not suitable for working with CAD, so we convert them to a common local coordinate system using a map projection, here Swiss grid. - In QCAD, create a drawing. The unit of the drawing is typically set to the unit used for the chosen map projection but can also be set to - To draw on top of the bitmap, it can be useful to fade the bitmap (make it transparent) to make it less distracting. The bitmap transparency can be adjusted in the property editor: - Select the inserted map. You can do this by clicking close to its border. The map is now surrounded by a red rectangle to indicate that it is selected. Be sure to verify the result by measuring different locations and distances in the map before using it. For larger areas, this method will not yield precise results since Google Earth shows the earth as round, viewed from top without any map projection applied. Google Maps uses the Source.

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