QGIS 2.x: More fun with projections – defining and reprojecting • North River Geographic Systems Inc

I was asked to make a tutorial on defining and reprojecting files in QGIS. I wrote this for specific data sets that were being used and approached it as a workflow instead of just a how-to tutorial. This might help others in understanding some of the quirkiness with QGIS and projections at the moment. Obviously, there is more than one way to do this but I wrote this as a, hopefully, simple solution. Especially because of what QGIS is currently doing, it’s going to be very important to check the metadata of the files used to get the spatial references. (But I would definitely suggest making this a habit regardless!) If they do not come with metadata, you may need to contact the files’ creator and ask for that information as a starting point. I would also recommend going into the files’s Properties after adding it to QGIS to review the CRS information and make sure it matches what you know about the files’ spatial reference before starting to work with the files. Nice post. I still very much praise the Engsager Extended Transverse Mercator etmerc option, I mentioned at the previous post – particularly dealing with UTM. It is easy to set and very effective. Karl Thank you, Karl, for the tip. I haven’t run into any transformation issues yet but if I do, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. :) Source.

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Last Modified: April 18, 2016 @ 8:11 pm