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I want to turn this map image (without any actual GIS data) into a vector map where each point is defined by lat, long. To do this, I'm trying to import it in QGIS. I'm using the OpenLayers plugin to have Google maps as a basemap layer. I have an empty vector layer with projection set to EPSG:3857 where I want to draw the points. I import the map guessing the coordinate system to be `Any idea what projection was used to create that map? I tried both pasting coordinates in this format 48.767479, -97.551781 (found on Bing Maps searching the name of the cities) and in this format 48 46 02.92, -097 33 06.41 found using this converter. I also tried picking coordinates from this webpage instead, which gives me projected coordinates in EPSG:3857, and feeding them to the Georeferencer plugin worked. However, my image is now very distorted when shown on top of the Google Maps (or Bing Maps) layer. I guess the projection is not Mercator. Any idea on how I can work on this map without the distortion? Your last attempt looks very promising. With more than 5 points you might get an even better picture. Using as many border points as possible for georeferencing, I take the coordinates from the map canvas with the middle icon: Source.

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