This plugin lets you use clipping function in the same shapefile selecting a line or polygon as a clipping/cutting feature and then clips/splits all overlaying features Generates color-ramp styles from SVG files. It also compatible with CPT-CITY styles. SVG2ColoR improves your color-ramp library, by the way your maps look better. The plugin is intended to act as web connector for Qgis. It allows to access http geo web services right from qgis binding to urls custom variables related to user input and map view. Tutorial on website. Allows to quickly duplicate layer into memory layer ready for data defined labeling. Requires Memory layer Saver >,= 3.2 to restore all labels correctly Extra selection feature for vector layers: select all and inverse selection, these functions are available from table menu but if you want do it without accessing the layer's table, you can do it directly from two icons in a personal toolbar or by Selectools own menu (menu bar). Street View Possibilità di aprire una finestra web per vedere con street view di google l'edificio selezionato. Premi il mouse sulla mappa e trascina il punto sull'edificio che vuoi vedere. The plugin allows to get a window with Google Street View or Bing Bird's Eye clicking and dragging the cursor on map to set location and direction of the desired view. Source.

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