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image is an image made up of a grid of little squares called pixels. Lines and arcs are represented by coloring the appropriate pixels. I know a basic knowledge of PHP, and a very good knowledge of HTML. I am not good at designing banners, pictures, or any type of artwork. I have a good organization in websites. I am also very fast at and vector GIS data renderer, implemented using Visual C++ and OpenGL. Image Auto Tracker simulation for an AH-64A simulator. Implemented using C++ on linux and SGI IRIX. - Development of Windows-based browser plugin to capture video from webcams or convert from existing AVI, MPEG or QuickTime movies, convert to RealMedia video format, and upload to 'video album' site. Innerwear Condoms - Playboy AdKVEGAS 97.5 - WB AdDMG Pictures - DVD/VHS covers, Movie postersOlivia's Vinegar - PackagingMajestic Hotel/Casino - Corporate IdentityDitronics - Corporate IdentityEnpol - Delphi MDI and SDI applications. Threads. Communicate with devices via serial interfaces USB, COM and parallel - LPT. Customization app using skins, WinXP Theme and other. Advanced skill in Dev Expres - Familiar programming languages : C++, c# .NET, JAVA, objective-c, - Familiar development environments : Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android(SDK), IOS(SDK)- Expertise in 2D/3D I have experience in working for a prepress company. Pre-press machines are similar to classical photo cameras. These machines expose information on plates or films. These plates/films are analogous t I am a student in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University specializing in Interactive Multimedia Development. I have experience designing websites, brochures and cd covers, making and editin joomla/mambo, bitrix/1c-bitrix, php, mysql, perl, freebsd, plesk,nginx, apache, smarty, lamp, fnmp, fastcgi, zend, netcat ( nc, cms ),squid, xsl/xslt, linux, mod_perl, redhat, ajax, debian, idn, syscp to vector conversionLayout designCad astral mappingElectricity distribution network and substation designGas pipeline and sewa and vector applications, along with quality stock images, and skills to produce quality Arabic images that meet you requirements. I am b Web designers use a variety of different tools depending on what part of the production process they are involved in. These tools are updated over time by newer standards and software but the principl Vivio Technologies and been designing and developing any imaginable site for over 7 years. We Program in Cold Fusion and PHP. We design vector and I specialize in the creation of maps and GIS-projects. I have experience in web mapping, geospatial analysis, processing and vectorization Ortho & I have spent the last two years working with Flash-based animations in which I import elements from Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as, vector 3D graphics from Swift 3D. I have created two Senior level software engineer with over 13 years of industry experience in DoD Cargo Tracking, Wireless, Telecommunications, Air Traffic Control, IC and GIS provide web sites that are coded in valid html, xhtml and css which are designed with cross-browser issues in mind, along with meta tagging and keyword optimization for business sites coupled with con Source.

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