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The process of converting features on a map or image (either hardcopy or digital) to vector-based data in digital format. The process of converting features on a map or image (either hardcopy or digital) to vector-based data in digital format. I am working on QGIS latest version 2.12.3. I am digitizing a polygon. It represents a riparian buffer of a river. The polygon made a continuous « loop » with a widht of 50 meters. I want to split my ... First, I am using QGIS 2.8.2. I have GPS waypoints and satellite imagery and am trying to draw polygons. This is easy enough, but I need to make sure each polygon is 1ha exactly. Is there a way to ... I'm trying to split a selected polygon features with a selected line from another feature layer. I, however, can't seem to get the tool for this to show up in my advanced digitize toolbar. In ... I am trying to detect timing and pattern of change in a particular salt marsh (low marsh sitting close to a high marsh). Basically, I'm interested in detecting changes in the leading edge for ... I have this problem constantly, because I digitize for work. No one there has figured this out and I was wondering if someone can tell me how to do this, because I'm tired of constantly hitting F8 and ... In order to digitize exact features in ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1, our draftsman would like to use auxiliary features (lines and points mostly) that don't have to be saved later on. I told them the easiest ... We are capturing 100's of drilling sample locations in QGIS. At times, we are copying the whole set of points from adjacent survey_lines to the next one. After that, we will capture the respective ... I am new to working with GIS. I have a raster choropleth map similar to the one displayed below. I want to create a shapefile from the map, where each layer contains all the countries that have the ... I need to digitize a bunch of islands from imagery in QGIS. It is the Bing Maps aerial imagery layer. I will obtain all required permissions. My plan is to lock the map scale at 1:25,000 and use heads ... Is there a way for ArcGIS Desktop to populate a field automatically when a new point is dropped on the map? We have our map in State Plane Feet, and we want to the database to automatically add WGS ... This is a more of a noob GIS question. How are all the features on the maps we come use know and love (Google Maps, Bing Maps) generated from imagery? Does somebody actually look at the imagery and ... I am looking for a way to implement conditional value mapping in QGIS. This means that the values available in attribute number 2 depend on the value provided in attribute 1. Example: If the user ... I have a number of multipoint features that form lines (hiking trails). I would like to connect the dots of each multipoint feature to generate line features, but there are no attributes with which to ... Is it perfectly acceptable to produce a map at a scale of 1:24,000 from a database that was digitized from a 1:100,000 scale source map? Source.

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