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I need to select polygons and change some attributes in a shapefile. I'm using Quantum GIS - I select the polygon, open attribute table and edit the attributes I want. I know there must be an easier ... I work with QGIS 2.12 and i try to edit point layer by adding it more point features with 'add feature' button. Here my point layer: after i add the features (features num. 58-62) i save editing. ... I need to create a lot of points with lots of attributes, but most of the fields are the same, so I don't want to edit all the fields all the time. Is there a 'remember previous fields' function ... I have recieved a gpx file for a track I rode last week with someone. Most of the track we rode together, but 2 parts he was faster than me. To avoid incorrect personal records in strava, I would like ... How to view or import a pbf file (OSM data,binary format) in ArcGIS for Desktop or QGIS? Are any 3rd party applications needed? I would like to edit this file on any GIS Software. USING: ArcMap 10.4 & ArcCatalog 10.4 FILE LOCATION: Local Was wondering if anyone came across the same issue mentioned below, as I'm haven't been able to find an issue like mine elsewhere - I ... Say that in an edit session I create a line of an exact length entered by keyboard - say 10' If I later measure that line using the measure tool, snapping to each end of the line, it reads 9.99998' ... Using the ESRI JS API, is it possible to select a feature and then create buttons to copy and paste that feature? This would be done using the Editor Widget. If its possible to do this, but only ... I am using ArcGIS 9.3. I have a copy of an original SDE database with feature classes, annotations, and relationship classes for those annotations. The copied geodatabase is an exact replica of an ... I am splitting parts of a multipart polygon in an ArcMap edit session using the cut polygon tool. Is there any way to decide which is the part that will remain multipart and which is the part that ... Features got accidently moved without me noticing it before saving the edits, now I need to align them with the shapefile that is still correct. To do this I thought I could best use the anchor ... I have a featureclass in an Esri file geodatabase. When I edit the features using the editor in ArcMap, and I delete most of my features and keeping only the ones in the middle, the zoom to layer ... I have a ArcSDE (10.3) geodatabase setup which is versioned as we have a few people working concurrently on the data. However, I want to run some background scripts in SQL Server to update the default ... I created two different map packages (say, mappack1 and mappack2) that included a common layer (polyline feature class in a file geodatabase, say LINE). Then I unpacked mappack1 and edited the common ... I would like to cut a raster file that I have. Here I attach a example of how it is original: And this is how I would like it would be. (I have cut the image on Paint): Can someone give me a ... Source.

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