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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to regiester a map that is in PDF form? This is the map I'm looking to register. I normally open in photoshop and save in some format that Xmap understands. I would assume many different image editors would do more or less the same thing. So why did they change Second Street to Easy Street? And why is the South Boundary on the north side? If you have access to Illustrator or Acrobat PRO you can suck the image out of the PDF without having to rely on a printscreen which could affect the resolution of the map. If you want free, Gimp works fine. Its limitations relative to better image editors don't really matter here, and it renders PDFs nicely. I just clicked the mouse a couple of times and pasted it into Irfanview. Looks pretty good and shows the pixel count at 2200x1700. That certainly is not a screenprint from my laptop. I have Photoshop Elements, but not Illustrator or Acrobat. I didn't think Photoshop could load a PSD. I'll have to try that. Adobe PDF files can serve as a 'wrapper' for other raster file formats. On my Vista laptop, I plunked my magic mouse twanger a couple of times in Adobe Reader and copied the (jpg?) file into hidden Clipboard. Then I pasted it with the mouse into Irfanview's Edit>,Paste menu. Irfanview however will not open a PDF file. It was easier than I expected, even with the next to the lastest version of Adobe Reader. Maybe that's why they wanted me to download a newer version. Maybe they made it too easy. Good luck. Acrobat - at least some versions, did have a 'export all images' (raster, that is), and that helps me a lot, but only when I need the resolution to be exact as the source. Rare, but necessary sometimes. Photoshop Elements was able to open the file and I have saved it as a.jpg. I have registered the .jpg with no further problems. Thanks again for all the help. Source.

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