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I'm an Environmental Science graduate with an immense interest for earth observation and climate science. For an improved understanding about the climate system, I have joined Bangladesh Meteorological Department and as a researcher, I am interested in climate change modeling for regional and local scale impact analysis. I am an efficient user of MATLAB, R, ArcGIS, SPSS etc. and currently using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model. Worried about your upcoming website? Stop worrying! Because, I've got your back. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will find all the colors of your dream within your time and budget range. With 4+ years of professional experience in graphic design and vector artworks, I am confident to give you the best logo, banner or illustration that will make your project stand out of the crowd. As an Environmental Sciences graduate, I'm equipped with all the latest Remote Sensing and GIS tools. With 5+ years experience in related discipline, I am confident to bring you the best output you need. Flash flood is a regular event for the north-eastern regions of Bangladesh but sometimes they could be severe. A research using WRF model indicates intense rainfall activity over the region that may led to flash flood this year. Mapping and geoprocessing giant ESRI has recently unveiled it’s brand new online mapping tool ‘ArcGIS Earth’. Some says ESRI is planning to breed a competitor for the widely used rival ‘Google Earth’ from the tech giant Google. Many of you have a bad feelings about Linux and therefore, I’m writing this blog post for those of you too scared to go after the beast. Trust me, you will thank me after a month or two. We are going through a series of blog posts on computational modeling and data science and in this post, we will be discussing about ‘Big Data’ and its use. This blog post is the part of a series on data science and computational data science. In this post, a short history and scopes of data science has been discussed. Many recent graduates hate codes but codes are not their enemies. instead, codes make their work easier and saves a lot of time. Welcome to, my official website. This is your host M. Rubaiat Islam and I’m an Environmental Science graduate with an immense interest for earth observation and climate science. Source.

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