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SF-Editor is a mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software for use with Microsoft Windows. SF-Editor has an extensive set of features to create, edit, export and analyze Esri Shapefiles. why should you use SF-Editor …? You can Create and Edit maps. SF-Editor is for people who need a tool to create/edit maps. If you have complex GIS maps which need to be changed every time (such as utility maps), SF-Editor is your best choice. Ease of use. you do not have to be a GIS expert. Within hours, you can learn how to draw, edit and print maps. Powerful features. Behind the simple, clean interface, experts and students of GIS will find a wealth of functions for manipulating vector data . SF-Editor can be used as a stand-alone desktop application or in a client-server configuration. It can be connected to the ESRI ArcSDE Geodatabase. SF-Editor includes advanced functionality to build line and polygon topology to systematically identify and correct topology errors – such as polygon holes or overlaps, dangling line nodes, unconnected line intersections, etc. from shapefile map layers. Besides the reasonable license price, SF-Editor is intuitive to learn and use, which can significantly reduce user training costs. SF-Editor can be learned from the tutorials and help files which are accessible under the program’s Help menu. The user interface is provided in 2 languages (Persian/English). SF-Editor can connect to any type of database throught the ODBC. So you could link your personal database, even in a remote system, to your shapefile database.This feature will anable you to analyze a database within your map. Source.

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