SC2 LotV Beta – Singleplayer Versus AI Maps : starcraft

Blizzard's stance on this unknown, but technically no game assets were modified nor was the app altered. We just ran it with a special parameter and used a map file that lists LotV dependencies. The map is launched in the 'Test Document' mode of the game that is commonly used when testing new maps from the SC2 Editor. When the beta servers go online in a few days, anyone with an invite can play the same game except on Edit: As requested, here is a version with Elite AI instead of Easy AI. I also took the time to edit the mineral and gas patches to apply the announced LotV changes (half of the mineral fields at each base have 50% less, all gas geysers have 25% less): The problem I see is that HotS data is in: C:UsersLSpineDocumentsStarCraft IIAccounts12345678Hotkeys Time to start heading over to boys! aaahh... so sorry dude! I'm not accustomed to hosting after I stream as I've never had very many viewer before. I owe you one, remind me next stream! Np, thanks for considering it. You had a pretty respectable viewer count, this LotV channel is like striking liquid gold beneath our feet! Really solid stream, I need to step it up! There is no support folder. It stays at initializing in launcher (with 6.26 gb) with these folders and files Try deleting all of the files except the ones in the SC2Data folder. May cause it to re-evaluate what it is doing. Failing that, renaming the folder to something else and doing the install again usually helps. Once the new install starts, pause it, exit the app, and copy your renamed folder's SC2Data folder over the top of the new one. Then launch the app again. Not works, it re-goes through half of red bar with Initializing to the point where it stops again and forever. Tried to check it inside of Process Explorer, Agent.exe and ticking with 3-4 bytes but nothing happens, it still stays at half of red bar saying 'Initializing'. So, would be good if someone upload whole client so I (and maybe others with same problem) can download it and 'attach' to launcher by downloading from other more stable source Awesome, works great. I love the unexpected ultralisk buff :) I was surprised to see no changes to infestors though - weren't they supposed to lose neural and gain a new ability? There is a paragraph at the bottom of the post about that. To counter your question: 'how is it not?' Yeah, sure. Try these 3 versions for harder AI (Elite difficulty, not Insane since it cheats): I also updated the minerals and gas in that version with Blizzard's announced LotV changes: half of the minerals (the outer patches) have 50% of normal and all gases have 75% of normal. Can you please upload the Insane AI as well? The last difficulty one. I know it's cheat but AI is still easy. Thanks! It keeps saying my graphic device is not ready, can you help me out? This is happening when I try to drag one of the maps into the sc2 switcher Google for 'Graphics Device is not available SC2' - there's a ton of advice for that specific error. Seems like it is usually a driver problem, sometimes a problem with video memory too. Thanks for posting this. This works great. I noticed that this runs even smoother than SC2 normally runs for me. I wonder if blizz optimized it. Can you explain how you made the maps? I can't figure it out. All I know to change is the DocumentHeader and MapInfo files in a map. TL,DR: Edit DocumentHeader to VoidMulti from SwarmMulti. Don't mess with MapInfo. You can change DocumentInfo if you want but it doesn't actually do anything that I can tell. I found out a much smoother and user-friendly way. Create a new mod called VoidMulti.SC2Mod. Add this mod as a dependency to any map you want playable in the LotV Beta. Do NOT have any Swarm dependencies, otherwise it'll mess data up in LotV. Having a Liberty Dependency does not seem to mess it up. This way, your map will still be editable in the Editor and you don't have to mess with an MPQ Editor. If you are tired of CE LE, Here is Daybreak LE with Elite AI (All races): Im not sure if anyone else mentioned this but to revert, inside under sc2 selection the options. at the bottom there is the uninstall option. Click that and the beta content will be removed and you can continue to play HOTS. Thanks, just tested. I noticed that the game looks a bit twitchy, like when fps is low, but i always had more than 60. Something is wrong here. Source.

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