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SVG (Scal­able Vec­tor Graph­ics) is a non-proprietary, XML dri­ven alter­na­tive to flash that can be eas­ily mod­i­fied using a text edi­tor. Sounds good, but is it working? Peo­ple are start­ing to make games, maps, and other inter­ac­tive stuff. Look at the Tuer­lersee Map where you can dig­i­tize cross sec­tions and then cre­ate pro­files of a dig­i­tal land­scape model. You can visu­alise the Move­ment of a Glac­ier as well as map Social Pat­terns of Vienna from some cen­sus data or plot Ani­mated Pop­u­la­tion Pyra­mids. The SVG_2 plu­gin came bun­dled with Acro­bat Reader_5. If you have Adobe Reader_6 you can even see inter­ac­tive SVG con­tent within PDF files. Check out this US Pop­u­la­tion Map that is embed­ded in a PDF file (could you do that with Flash?). And it's all open XML. These are just a few usage cases but instead we play flash fri­day here all the time. SVG was sup­posed to be Adobe's Flash killer when they released Live­Mo­tion a few years ago. Live­Mo­tion came at a time when Flash was still tak­ing over the space that Shock­wave filled — before it was at super-saturation. There's no surer sign of who already won the bat­tle than Adobe's own Live­Mo­tion page. Which makes one won­der. The tech­nol­ogy has been around for a good while now, but some­thing has obvi­ously kept it from tak­ing off. The idea behind it is an open source, stan­dards com­pli­ant alter­na­tive to Macro­me­dia Flash. But the very thing that shot Flash to fame is its seam­less inte­gra­tion in all the browsers that mat­ter, unlike SVG's take-up, which has been dismal. Had Live­Mo­tion picked up any momen­tum what­so­ever at that time, Macro­me­dia would have had incen­tive to sup­port SVG to com­pete. Flash con­tin­ued to spread, how­ever, as if Live­Mo­tion and SVG didn't exist. Now, in 2004, there are dozens of third party prod­ucts avail­able using Flash includ­ing XML->,FLASH tools that basi­cally repli­cate SVG's func­tion­al­ity (e.g., this). So, again, is SVG really worth it, despite all the hooplah in the open source com­mu­nity? Not help­ing things, Adobe has qui­etly dropped sup­port for SVG from the newest ver­sion of Illus­tra­tor. While still a closed for­mat, the newest ver­sions of Flash (with fairly robust script­ing and XML sup­port) may seem to be min­i­miz­ing the improve­ments SVG offers. But all is not lost for Adobe. SVG may curry favor with devel­op­ers because it presents a sta­ble, acces­si­ble, and more secure solu­tion (e.g., inher­ent for the same kind of things that Flash is used for. And if that doesn't con­vince you of the ben­e­fits of SVG, com­pare this SVG incar­na­tion of hal­loween with this Flash ver­sion. Source.

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