Nice, but a tad big. However, I know that I will be using this font in the future to make some images for my website. Keepuppy! I bet the font on Xtina's album is Zapfino. It looks almost the same, but has a huge number of ligatures. For example, typing two p's in a row doesn't give you the p character twice, you get a pp-ligature. I think I got Zapfino free with my Mac. :) Iedere avond keer op keer,komt Klaas Vaak steeds maar weer.Dan strooit hij fijn korrelzand,in alle oogjes van de kindertjesvan ons land.De kindertjes worden van dat zandheel erg moeen willen dan heel graag naar hunbedjes toe.De kindertjes blijven dan steeds inhun oogjes maar wrijven,ze kunnen dan niet langer meeropblijven.De kindertjes blijven steeds maargapen en gapen,dan strooit Klaas Vaak fijn korrelzand,omdat alle kindertjes dan heerlijk's avonds kunnen slapen. Very nice font for engraved signs! But what happen with the 'smal' e? It looks like it dont connect to the next character. Not only did I find this font to be amazing, I also had a tattoo using this font. It is absolutely gorgeous. Great, great work! What a lovely font. It's worth coming up with a version 2 -- see what can be improved. For example the lower case 't' doesn't quite won't work in 'the'. Great job. I can see a thousand letters being written with this font, and then being posted around the world... ahh isn't it sweet? THANKS! Very nice font, especially works well with Adobe and Publisher programs. Would be great on invitations especially when in bold! All you little time wasting pukkers. Stop your fighting now. I'll get the PHQ on to you lot if don't flameing shut your little gobs!!! Source.

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