This is a series of Apple's portable music player, the Ipod is being showcase in this series of Magazine Ads which were more focus in using the actual… The scope of this project included the event program and the presentation slides that were projected at the event as well as the press backdrop… PRICES NOW SET PER JOB AND LATER WORK OR MODIFICATIONS IF REQUIRED. InEXPENSIVE AND QUALITY WORK. WORK WITH THE OWNER 1 on 1 to ensure you get… A simple wedding invitation, designed to be sent by email and viewed on the guest's phone. Designed with sans serif fonts to be easier on the eye in a… For this concept my focus was aimed at all the male Miller beer lovers that wanted to shed the pounds but still be able to enjoy the great taste. The… The object of this project was to create a realistic vector illustration of an MP5 rifle. The was drawn using Adobe Illustrator with a combination of… I AM A ONE MAN ARMY. I WONT SLEEP UNTIL YOUR JOB IS PERFECT..THE PIC IS OVER 4 YEARS OLD THOUGH SO I STILL LOOK REALLY YOUNG This is the inside of the Encompass brochure I designed as an idea for the Encompass Chiropractic and Wellness Campany which is in the making by owner… MyFolio gives artists and organizations a place to upload, store & share their art. Thousands of members are creating their profiles here and connecting with other artists, employers & the general public. Schools & Organizations can enroll & manage their entire creative community (students, faculty, alumni, employees) in MyFolio. With a plus account, you get your own tailored art sharing network. Source.

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