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Sorry for the noob question, but is there any resource (on the web) where I could more or less search semantically for symbols to use in an ArcMap layout? Using the Symbol Selector, I have to scroll through all the symbols from different Style References. I assume there might be one which is fitting my purpose, so is there a more intelligent way of finding it? As pointed out by @radouxju the search for symbols functionality was introduced at ArcGIS 10.0 and from a blog enitled Symbols and styles in ArcGIS 10.0: Finding appropriate symbols to apply to your features and graphics is easy in ArcGIS 10 because you can search for and use symbols without having to know to which style they belong, nor have that style referenced. When searching for symbols, you can search within all styles available on your system—including your custom styles—or you can limit search results to only those styles currently referenced. Symbols in ArcGIS 10 have searchable tags that describe graphic characteristics, such color or type. These tags can be modified for symbols in custom styles to describe any relevant characteristic, such as a related project, map, layer, scale, or specification. It sounds to me like the type of search you are looking for is available for custom styles - you just need to add the tags you want to search for - but not for styles that come with ArcGIS Desktop which you can only search for using graphic characteristics. The process for creating and using new symbols is described in the help page entitled About creating new symbols, in particular within the section entitled Creating new symbols in Style Manager where it says: While it is convenient to create symbols as you need them when authoring your maps, sometimes it is more efficient to build a whole style of symbols all at once before you begin. This is especially true if you are building a set of symbols to meet specific characteristics defined in a map specification. In this case, you can build symbols directly into a style from the Style Manager dialog box. They will be ready to search and use when you begin authoring your map. Source.

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