Services available: G.I.S, Graphic output, CAD, DTP, Topography –

Web design Websites Intranet and Extranet sites so that groups of organizations can centralise and share information… has highly skilled personnel and leading edge software to answer all needs in terms of mapping, GIS, graphic output, layout design and DTP, databases and internet technology. Mapping: legally required environmental impact assessment maps, maps for Territorial Development Consistency Plans, Risk Prevention Plans, Community Safety Plans, hydraulic surveys, irrigation and drinking water supply systems, integrated coastal zone management, management plans, windfield master plans, land consolidation studies, and many more. Output based on DEM: hypsometric maps, slopes, soil erosion potential, covisibility calculations, topographic cross-sections, 3D visuals… Oasis is an application that combines the hydraulic model, ISIS, with ArcGIS for automatic mapping of flood plains and 3D views. Source.

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