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Everyone that uses SharePoint doesn’t just use it with Microsoft Office documents (which has very tight integrations while managing content in the client), but also Adobe PDF files. In my opinion, most content managers are using PDF’s as a “protected” document since you need the full Acrobat (or alternative) which is a little misguided, however we need to ensure the best end user experience possible with the client applications used in an environment. Up until now, when clients used Adobe Acrobat there wasn’t really any integration with SharePoint, so managing things like check in / check out and server properties wasn’t available in the native client. New in Adobe Acrobat or Reader X is a SharePoint menu made available through an ActiveX control that enables the following features for ends users: To enable this feature we need to modify the trusty DOCICON.xml file located in the C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14TEMPLATEXML folder on your SharePoint servers. You may already be familiar with modifying this when installing the Adobe PDF IFilter (props to Nick Grattan and his great walkthrough here), in addition to the modifications for the IFilter we need to register an OpenControl for PDF documents which enables this ActiveX control. To enable this control your mapping key for PDF should now look like this: After adjusting this key, the application pool needs to be recycled (or perform an IIS Reset) in order for the change to be seen by end users. Now you may ask, how can I tell if it’s working the way it should be? If you have Adobe Acrobat X or Reader X on your machine you should see the following behavior when selecting any PDF in your environment: Brian is a member of the SharePoint team at Avtex and SharePoint 2010 MCM. He typically walks the tight rope between administration and development as a Senior SharePoint Consultant, with a focus on systems architecture, security, migrations and integration strategies. This article is a real find. My site uses pdfs with checkin/checkout heavily, and it’s been very problematic until I made this one addition to the mapping key and now it works as good as any office doc. I’ve been all over google and couldn’t find any mention of this. Very obscure. Well done Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 2:05 pm