Specs for Submitting & Archiving Digital Artwork Our specs help you through the world of digital artwork. Below is your map to submitting accepted file formats. Vector Art: Any file created in a vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw must be saved in an .eps format with all fonts converted to curves or outlines. Any colors used in the image must be specified as either spot (Pantone/PMS) or by a CMYK breakdown, based on the job requirements. Scanned Art: To best achieve print-ready artwork, any image scanned into an image-editing application (i.e. Adobe Photoshop) must have a minimum resolution of 600 dpi at 100%. This file must be scanned from camera-ready artwork, saved in .tif, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .png, or .bmp format. Four-Color Process: Files supplied for four color process reproduction (CMYK) must be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of the requested size. The file must be submitted in a CMYK format and saved in either a .tif, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .png, or .bmp format. RGB color mode files must be converted to CMYK before submitting. Please note when creating artwork, tints of colors (20% black to represent gray) will not reproduce on some types of products. Please save all files with the appropriate three digit extension (.eps, .tif), and if using a vector-based application (.cdr, .ai). Preferred File Formats: .CDR (X7 or lower) .AI (CS5 or lower) .EPS, .TIF, .PNG, .JPG, .PDF. Note: After submitting artwork electronically, please fax or mail a hard copy of the artwork with the order. Use the recommended formats listed above. These formats assure that factories with limited digital art capabilities can use the digital art provided and that Piros can archive for use on subsequent orders. Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint, Word or Publisher are not considered true graphic programs. Avoid using low resolution jpg or bitmap files. Digital art created in InDesign, QuarkXPress, Pagemaker and other “layout” programs will not be archived because they incorporate multiple files. Graphic Files originally created for Internet use cannot be used effectively for product decoration. Please don’t hesitate to call our art department to answer questions or to provide additional information. Digital art in the recommended formats and uploaded to our website will be archived for a maximum of three years following the last order receipt date.We do recommend submitting artwork through our fast and easy website – see above links to submit your art. This art will be available for repeat orders. Please provide us with the previous order number for reference. If there is more than one logo on file, please be specific on which logo to use. After submitting electronic artwork, please send a hard copy of the artwork with the purchase order. We will archive art that meets our specifications. Please review our specs to speed the submission and archiving process. If submitting art via email, the subject line must include customer name, salesperson, item description or order number (if available). Files too large for e-mail can be uploaded to Piros FTP site. Please contact - Dfilla@pirossigns.com for information. Appropriate art charges will apply if original art is modified or reformatted. Piros Signs cannot be responsible for the loss of artwork. Piros cannot be responsible for files that may become corrupted. Piros can only store artwork received in the specified formats (.cdr, .ai, .pdf, .eps, .tif, .png, jpg). Artwork in alternative formats will be discarded once transferred to the vendor for that specific order. Vendor artwork charges incurred to clean, revise or modify artwork will be charged accordingly. It is understood that the sales representative or their agent has provided artwork in compliance with the client logo and reproduction specifications. It is understood that the sales representative or their agent have obtained proper client authorization to use provided artwork for decoration. The sales representative is responsible for noting applicable licensing requirements on orders requiring this consideration. The sales representative is responsible for all costs related to products created using unauthorized client logo presentations. National Accounts Applebee's Hi-Rise Sign. 'You are the best. I just love working with you. I wish you could handle all of my installs.' Source.

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